Pregnancy by weeks

What happens to the baby?

Your baby continues growing – he/she is about 17-22 mm. His/her head is still bigger than the body and still bended towards the chest. But the fragile body of your champion in speed development is not so bent as during the previous weeks. The face of the little baby gets a form to become mom’s favourite one! The nose and the jaws become harder and a lip appears on the upper jaw. The eyes come closer, the eyelids are outlined and the eye nerve has reached its final development. Do you imagine that your baby might already see!

The arms continue to develop faster than the small legs and the fingers are already defined. The formation of the bones is at the stage of primary cartilage. Muscles are being formed gradually.

The beating heart of your teeny-weeny is tireless – it maintains 80 rates per minute. The heart (together with the liver) is among the organs that develop faster than the cavities where they should be placed within the body of your baby. This is the reason for his/her chest to be so bulging.

Great news again – the baby is already able to move! But do not rush in your ideas for the first real feel that a live midget grows inside you. His/her movements occur still very deep and you could not feel them. However, they can be detected by the echography. The reasons for the movement of your baby are the signals from the brain to the muscles, but these are purely reflex moves.

a green olive

This week the baby is
as big as a green olive



7 week

Second month

What happens to you?

We will tell you the name of the hormone that you can accuse about your constant nausea calls. This is the hormone choriongonadotropin. It starts being released in your body just after the conception and gives the first signals that you are pregnant. During this week of your pregnancy, however, it reaches its maximum level in your body and causes you all the indispositions you have to fight with. Except nausea, the choriongonadotropin is at the very bottom of the continuous fatigue and general faintness.

In order to fight against all these unpleasant moments of your pregnancy, we recommend you to be more active. The reason is that the need of oxygen in the tissues of your body sharply increases. With slight physical exercises and short training sessions you can try to ensure the additional amount of oxygen that your body needs.

Seek the advice of your gynecologist, but if your pregnancy goes normally, you may, no – you even must, practice fitness or another favourite sport. Trainings should correspond to the trimester you are in. It is especially important to observe the reactions of your body and to pay attention to the signals it sends after each exercise in order to avoid going too far in your efforts.

This week you should ...

Accelerate the function of your heart – Choose physical exercises that accelerate the function of the heart and blood vessels, of the lungs. Thus, you will normalize the function of your nervous system and will increase your general physical and emotional tonus.

Not go too far in loading – Avoid heavy physical loads. In any case do not practice exercises involving lifting your legs and sharp change of the body position.

Drink a lot of liquids – It is important for the hydration of your skin and for the improvement of the blood circulation. Help your kidneys to cope with the toxins that should be eliminated. We recommend you to drink at least 1,5 – 2 l of water per day.

Your skin during pregnancy

See what awaits you in the next three months.

Pregnancy by weeks

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