Pregnancy by weeks

What happens to the baby?

Imagine you are carrying a teeny-weeny person inside you! That’s right – your little baby already has inceptions of limbs and internal organs. The little arms that will energetically wave in a few months upon seeing mommy are only fragile ossicles now. And the legs – they will appear later.

The cardiac tube takes its place, and the blood vessels develop and reach the blood network of the placenta and the umbilical cord. Now, you are integrally connected!

This is hardly the fourth week of your pregnancy, and the baby already has a heart and blood circulation! Furthermore, all major organs are also developed. His/her head is clearly defined, as well as his/her tapered tail. The central nervous system continues being formed within three bulbs on the nervous tube. The cerebrum will originate namely from these bulbs. However, the spinal cord is already at its place. It is quite long and reaches far to the tail. Its fast development can be easily noticed in contrast to that of the abdomen. This is the exact reason why your midget looks like a comma. Organs of sense are developed, such as incepts of internal year, eyes, future jaws. The little papilla that will grow into a little tongue with which the baby will playfully pull faces at you is also there. The slight extended area is the place of the future stomach, and against it we can see the inceptions of liver, gall and pancreas. The little baby also has initial formations of trachea and windpipe, as well as thyroid gland and hypophysis. The primary cells that will form the sex cells also shift to the place where they will be further developed. All these special adjuncts and future organs are comprised within 5mm.

an apple seed

This week the baby is
as big as an apple seed



4 week

First month

What happens to you?

Pregnancy’s typical features that have appeared the last week are now becoming stronger. Your breasts have grown, but except swollen, they also become painful. The veins can be now seen through the strained skin. Usually, you have the feeling that your nipples itch. The reason is that the areolas change – they expand, become darker and more protruding. If before conception your uterus has looked like a fig, it now has the size of a tangerine. While increasing, your uterus starts pulling the connections that support it by causing the slight pains you may feel low in the abdomen.

Under the effect of the hormones, the cervical mucus thickens within the cervix thus forming an original cap. It closes the entrance of the uterine cavity. You will also notice that the vaginal secretions become more abundant. In this way your body tries to protect the vagina against the microbes that may penetrate inside.

This week you should ...

Find a reason to smile every day – You suffer insomnia, or just the opposite – pleasant sluggishness that pushes you to the bed constantly. You are tired, your mood is not bad, but is just missing. But there is a reason to smile – soon there will be another person you can devote your entire love to.

Be aware of “the attack” against your bladder – Your enlarged uterus will more and more frequently and more and more ruthlessly press your bladder. So, get ready for the frequent visits to the toilet. For your good mood, we recommend you to make it a cosy place, for example, put a newspaper with jokes there.

Leave your body to get used to the novelties – The changes your body undergoes will make it remind you of itself more frequently. You will realize how much you depend on it, but you should not fall to it entirely. Do something out of spite – make a short walk in the mountain, for example. Hold on the laziness!

Your skin during pregnancy

See what awaits you in the next three months.

Pregnancy by weeks

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