Pregnancy by weeks

What happens to the baby?

The baby is about 50 cm long and weighs more than 3 kg. With this nice size your treasure is ready to appear and to give you a first hug. His/her little head will show tenderness to you when the baby starts getting out, as it has changing form. Of course, this is not dangerous for the little creature.

What should be further developed are the tear ducts. They will be finally completed a few weeks after the birth.

a pumpkin

This week the baby is
as big as a pumpkin



38 week

You could give birth any moment now

What happens to you?

This is the moment when you feel contractions again. Instead of being the so called Braxton-Hicks contractions, these are different ones. Their role is to support the shortening of the cervix, the cervical dilation and the release of the amniotic liquids. Try to relieve these pains with short walks. Stand up to your feet and take a walk – even in the room, this may be enough.

The end of the fairy tale trip during the pregnancy may seem to you like a far wharf during the last weeks, but this is not exactly the case. Do not forget that hardly 5% of all future mothers deliver on the estimated date.

This week you should ...

Limit the food – While expecting the birth, you’d better don’t go too far with food, because at the time of delivery you may suffer acute nausea due to overeating.

Avoid fats – During this period we recommend you to eat foods that do not contain fats and can be easily digested. For example, ordinary pasta, spaghetti and macaroni, toasted bread and pure bullion.

Understand the benefits of breast-feeding – Read more about the nutrition properties of the mother’s milk in order to be aware of the benefits of breast-feeding. Maternea and the Nutri-Calming Nipple Balm are your reliable partners that relieve the unpleasant feelings. Do not worry, everything will be o.k.!

Your skin during pregnancy

See what awaits you in the next three months.

Pregnancy by weeks

Here you will find useful tips and a lot of information for you and your baby's development per week.

We use only pure ingredients and rely on the oils’ natural aroma in Maternea products.

Our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Guaranteed safe for mother and baby.

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