Pregnancy by weeks

What happens to the baby?

During this week your baby is about 47 cm long and weighs more than 2 kg. Even small, your little baby has big nails – they grow, become longer and sharp, and most probably after the delivery you will see this, but as we have already said, you will not be surprised.

The midget gets fats to make you and everybody else happy with his/her plump flaps. From this week on the baby develops his/her own immune system.

a pumpkin violin

This week the baby is
as big as a pumpkin violin



35 week

Ninth month

What happens to you?

It is possible to feel the air heavy to such an extent that you will have difficulties to breathe in. You feel extremely heavy and frequently ask when you will finally enjoy your first meeting with the baby.

Food can also cause you troubles during this week. Avoid fatty foods and those that can cause useless heaviness. Eat moderately, without getting too far with calories.

Your body continues changing. The birth canal has started to expand gradually in order to ensure the trouble-free passing of the baby.

This week you should ...

Dream more – If the last weeks of the pregnancy are too hard for you, dream more. Imagine how you hold the baby in your arms, look in his/her eyes and stroke his/her hair.

Make tests – During this period, it is time for a microbiological test of the vaginal secretion.

Have your delivery forecasted – This is the right time to examine the bone pelvis in order to forecast when the birth will occur. This is your opportunity to feel better prepared for the big day.

Your skin during pregnancy

See what awaits you in the next three months.

Pregnancy by weeks

Here you will find useful tips and a lot of information for you and your baby's development per week.

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