Pregnancy by weeks

What happens to the baby?

Do you remember what unnoticeable dot your baby was at the beginning of your pregnancy? And now he/she is so big! He/she is more than 40 cm long and already weighs more than a kilogram.

If you are luckier, you can see how your baby breathes during the ultrasound examination. And because he/she takes amniotic liquid instead of air, you can feel his/her hiccups.

an aubergine

This week the baby is
as big as an aubergine



30 week

Eighth month

What happens to you?

During the next 10 weeks the amniotic liquid, the uterus and the placenta will gradually increase their size. This is why you should not worry about the speedy weight gaining during these last weeks of the pregnancy.

You have long ago got used to the readings of the scale and even if you consider it extremely frightening during the next weeks, do not fall under its influence! Only 10 weeks are left before you can take the creature that has already changed and will keep on changing your life in your arms.

Think about your posture as your back will keep on being painful. Pay them the required attention by taking a rest. Relaxing procedures during this period are not only conceit, but a want of your body. Continue with the massages of your legs and do not forget to find out more about the Maternea Cooling and Relaxing Gel for Legs if you have not tried it yet.

This week you should ...

Make a “fatty” menu – Eat more fatty fish, nuts, seeds, fresh red meat, natural whole-fat milk. All these fatty foods will supply you the required amount of energy that in turn you can supply to the baby that is growing very intensively right now.

Add 300 calories per day – These extra calories should comprise fatty acids as these are of crucial importance for the development of the baby’s brain.

Ask for the iron – Ask your gynecologist whether it is necessary to administer additional amount of iron. During the pregnancy it is recommended to administer about 30 mg of iron per day.

Your skin during pregnancy

See what awaits you in the next three months.

Pregnancy by weeks

Here you will find useful tips and a lot of information for you and your baby's development per week.

We use only pure ingredients and rely on the oils’ natural aroma in Maternea products.

Our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Guaranteed safe for mother and baby.

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