Pregnancy by weeks

What happens to the baby?

You feel the baby very well. It is about 21cm long and weighs more than 300g. Conveniently accommodated inside you, the baby is a real acrobat! It moves his/her arms and legs energetically, and the umbilical cord he/she is attached to does not impede him/her to move graciously as a gymnast while tossing and jumping over. The space ensured by your body is enough to make stretches up to the wall of your uterus.

You baby sleeps about 16-20 hours per day. However, do not think that he/she obediently sleeps while you are sleeping. Your times of being asleep and awaken do not coincide. This is why you may awake in the midnight.

a mango

This week the baby is
as big as a mango



19 week

Fifth month

What happens to you?

You will notice that gradually you get out of breath more than usual. However, your organs work for two and you release much more carbon dioxide. Now your body needs to exhaust the carbon dioxide released by the baby in order to supply oxygen. This is the reason for your rapid breathing, for feeling tired even as a result of the least effort.

Another reason for the difficult breathing is that by getting bigger, your uterus shifts the abdominal mass upwards. Thus the diaphragm is being suppressed and the size of the chest decreases.

This week you should ...

be careful with the dizziness – Your brain becomes more susceptible to the increased amount of carbon dioxide in your blood and you may feel dizzy. Avoid heats and drink more water and natural drinks to compensate.

eat eggs – They contain zinc, which is a wonderful mean against flus during your pregnancy. Furthermore, it carefully develops and supports the function of the DNA and is useful during the breast-feeding period.

forget the sauna and vibromassage – The consequences of the sauna are expansion of the blood vessels and extended heart beating, which you may miss. As well as the vibromassage. In its turn it increases the blood pressure and stimulates the activation of muscles, which results in a danger of spontaneous abortion.

Your skin during pregnancy

See what awaits you in the next three months.

Pregnancy by weeks

Here you will find useful tips and a lot of information for you and your baby's development per week.

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